Building A Better Future For women's Soccer In Mayo

Jeremy Dee

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On Behalf of Mayo Womens Soccer Committee and All the womens clubs within Mayo we wish to express our deepest most Heartfelt Sympathies to Jeremy Dee's Family  his club Castlebar Celtic and all his friends.
Jeremy did so much for soccer both here in Mayo and Ireland.
You will be sadly missed Jeremy, May you rest in Peace.

It’s now some hours since I first heard of the crash and Jeremy Dee death.

I awoke this morning Sunday November 18th at 9:30 in New Jersey five hours behind Ireland first thing was to check with the social media outlet of twitter for updates from the Womens national league Celtic were playing Rover a game I thought they should win, Peamount were winning, then from extra came the tweet thoughts and prayers for Castlebar Celtic a crash it said players injured looked up Midwest radio site car crash in Williamstown no sign of bus crash just then my friend Richie Flannery from the Kilmore ladies club rang I asked did he hear anything about Celtic, that was what he rang for Jeremy is dead he said even now still in shock the sharp dressed man of ladies soccer was dead.

I have known Jeremy for many many years a man that dressed very well, always presentable and tidy, the suit was never far away and neatly groomed which I often teased him about whether he was going to a match or a meeting he was tidy.

Jeremy had been involved with soccer in Mayo for Many years and is the second member of ladies soccer in Mayo to die too young he was with me in the Dalton inn Claremorris when the late Mary Walsh took ill and later died in hospital. He took over from where Mary had left off with her Ballinrobe town ladies team and within the Mayo womens soccer committee.

Everyone knows the good work that Jeremy has done for soccer not alone in mayo but in Ireland as well and many tributes will pour in over the next few days and weeks but it brings to my mind how many people told Jeremy when he was alive how great he was, it is time now for each and everyone to think of the people around them and tell them how great they are that goes for children, parents, families’ partners and people we deal with every day tell them how much you love them because tomorrow might be too late.

Last year I was driving a bus in Ballyhaunis when i gave a man a lift home with his shopping on the rural link bus to Bekan “Oh” i said “you live in Jeremy Dee country” he said do you know him I said I did and he said “he was the best man I ever seen in a silage field a great worker” I told Jeremy this story and he didn’t get excited about it he was that sort of man, did a lot of work for people un- noticed and un-thanked I thought at the time that was nice of someone to say about another person because as Jeremy said “that’s a long time ago”.

If it was cutting silage in Bekan or the grass in Milebush Jeremy always did it to the best of ability, he was never far away from a soccer field from scoring goals for Claremorris to training soccer to youths Jeremy gave it his best.

He organised our Mayo’s trip to Austria in 2007 for mayo ladies to play in the European cup representing Ireland there he was by far the best organised, his charismatic ways and clearly spoken won him many friends over the years and as with his job as PRO of the Mayo Womens Soccer keeping it at the forefront on the local media.

Many people will miss Jeremy Dee but none more that his daughter Ciara son Kyle and his wife Carmel my heartfelt sympathy goes out to them also Jeremys Parents, Brother and Sisters who he often talked about.

Womens football is the poorer tonight because of this, the day we remember all roads deaths.

Jeremy Dee we will miss you may you rest in peace.

Michael Jennings